IRIZAR Southern Africa

After the tumultuous and uncertain events of 2016, Irizar Southern Africa looks forward to 2017 as a year filled with splendid promise.

Despite a difficult year, filled with financial and social challenges, Irizar continued to offer the quality, safety and innovation which have characterised the brand throughout its history. We were once again chosen by industry leading coach companies to carry their own brand promise in 2016, choices which more than any words relate Irizar’s market position and image within the industry.

The new year, 2017, promises to be one filled with demanding challenges, but with renewed and improved opportunities within South Africa and beyond, for both coach operators and manufacturers alike. Within this robust and fluid environment, Irizar SA reiterates our commitment to supplying and supporting world class coaches with the quality, safety, technology and proven profitability that is our hallmark.

To the passengers and owners of Irizar coaches, new and existing, throughout the Southern African region, we welcome you on board, safe travels for 2017.

Yours faithfully,
Ryan Levendale
General Manager

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